festival news...

Playing at the wonderful  Filey Folk festival for the 3rd year running May 3-5 @ 3 venues

Llangollen Faery festival - 1st appearance for me at the legendary festival! With the full band over the weekend of 11-12th Aug

joe writes a song dedicated to Dementia sufferers...

I was really taken about a year ago by a facebook post which was supposedly based on an old man in Australia- I think.  In which, there was a fabulously moving poem titled 'The cranky old man'.

After some research I found out that it was originally written by a Scottish lady and the poem was called the 'Crabbit old woman' - but the sentiment and power of the message is the same. And then seeing videos of dementia sufferers brought 'back to life' by someone singing a song or getting them to dance, just inspired me to want to write something about these people, who were all -great, once within their own lifetime, which now this cruel disease leaves just a shell of that person.

Century Theatre, Coalville August 4th...

Main act at 'Al & Annies juke joint' at the century theatre.

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