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"I love to listen to people who are a little bit different, a little edgy.
My music is not easy to label and I like it!
Performing at folk clubs and festivals - but not sure I am truly folk, when I throw in some up tempo, jazz/soul influenced  songs.

A singer songwriter who absolutely writes from the soul.
Telling a story that people can relate to, is so important to me with my songs, but what comes first, every time, is the sound - always searching for open chords, dissonance, resonance, tension... and from that comes an atmosphere, a direction of feeling that the song needs to take, that almost describes the lyrics that follow."

I'm based in rural Staffordshire and drag my guitar around the region and the UK, anywhere that will listen!

You will find me at various festivals around the UK and I love the intimacy of 'House Concerts' and the ‘café’ scene- so drop me a line and see if I am free...

One man and a guitar often get labelled as 'folk' 'indie folk' 'neu folk' but whether its slow ballads or uptempo rhythmic songs they are usually confessionary, or observational but always contemporary in lyrical content…

I love the music of Nick Drake, Scott Matthews, Damien Rice, Tom Baxter, John Martyn, Bon Iver, and any other great story tellers who like to mix up their sounds in a way,  that's a little off the norm and I hope they have passed on some goods vibes to me…

Thank you so much for listening

A lyrical legend...

Brian Carrie Dublin

Singer/songwriter....fantastic guitarist.. This guy is amazing! A previous feature act here at The Stratford Alehouse ond the Folk Club.

- Bill Obrien Stratford Alehouse

I can listen to Joe all day…a great story-teller whose songs paint great pictures in your imagination, whilst his voice takes you on a soothing journey. He's also one of the nicest people you will ever meet!

                                              – Sally Rivers UK vocal coach

.... If you're never heard Joe sing , then you should make the effort and go to one of his gigs, his soft mellow speaking voice transcends into his vocal performance, to soft, yet punctuated high tenor that's barely a whisper , but can be heard in the back of the room , and in contrast, his baritone - vibrato rich and full, resounds in your chest as you listen....A headline act that can grace any venue in the country

-  Birch & Stock folk club

..possesses a great talent with a relaxing easy genre. Lovely vocals and well written songs...

 Great musician and a fine man!

- Andy Plimmer - Chase Radio

  A wonderful vocalist and sensitive guitar player with original songs complimenting his style. His amiable chat between  songs made it feel like a carpet had been placed on the stone floor! 

The audience went extra quiet during his set and he got loud applause for a lovely song about a homeless guy and a slightly quirky song about Rose Tyler from Dr.Who. Methinks he was in love with her..!   


Doug Armstrong - sofa sessions


- Will Morgan Brewood Acoustic Club


..confident, easy style ... with  subjects drawn from life portrayed  with feeling and uniqueness...a welcome visitor to our club     


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