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Based in Staffordshire,  Joe creates a soulful, thought provoking musical experience.
Writing from the heart, unafraid to share life's experiences but performing with an overwhelming feeling of warmth and humour that drags you in.

Joe is really at home interacting with his audience. Weaving humorous stories of life's experiences with sensitive thought provoking lyrics and soothing melodies.
His music sits somewhere amidst a cross section of John Martyn, Damien Rice a Nick Drake. Whilst imaginative metaphors, intersperse, carefully crafted lyrical pictures.



"...Telling a story that people can relate to, is so important to me with my songs, but what comes first, every time, is the sound - always searching for open chords, dissonance, resonance, tension... and from that comes an atmosphere, a direction of feeling that the song needs to take, that almost describes the lyrics that follow..."
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Influenced by John Martyn, Damien Rice and Nick Drake.
Contemporary or new-folk has been used to describe joe's music.

Whether its slow ballads or uptempo rhythmic songs they are usually confessionary, or observational, but always contemporary in lyrical content…

People say...

A wonderful vocalist and sensitive guitar guitar player with original songs complimenting his style. His amiable chat between  songs made it feel like a carpet had been placed on the stone floor! 

I can listen to Joe all day…a great story-teller whose songs paint great pictures in your imagination, whilst his voice takes you on a soothing journey.     

Sally Rivers National vocal coach

Joe was fantastic! His performance was mesmerizing and very special. All who came, adored him and he created a wonderful atmosphere and evening.

The Bookshop By The sea

Joe is one of those very best and provided us with a wonderful set of melodic and heartfelt songs that captivated the audience from beginning to the end- highly recommended.

Shirley Folk Club

.... If you're never heard Joe sing , make the effort and go to one of his gigs, His soft mellow speaking voice transcends into his vocal performance, to a soft, yet punctuated high tenor that's barely a whisper , but can be heard in the back of the room , And in contrast, his baritone - vibrato rich and full, resounds in your chest as you listen....A headline act that can grace any venue in the country

Birch & Stock folk club

Pics & Flix...

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