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Lost & found

Do you ever dream of a summer scene when the sun is high & the grass is green
Children playing with bucket and spade all day long till the castles made, And the tide rolls in and their artistry begins to fade
Cos Its summertime ……..   in England again
Ice cream cones for dessert every day follows fish & chips from a gourmet tray, While the seagulls flock around flying muggers looking for prey    Chorus
Pot bellied men tattoos all around junk food litter, red top news abounds but no Mediterranean nudes, just sand in your toes & shoes     Chorus
Salmon pink men drinking their beer in amusement arcades, While their women devour, the grey books of fifty shades ,cover to cover in days  Chorus
So its raincoats on but its warm inside on a coastal train, while the tough carry on, sunbathing in the rain, sunbathing in the rain  ever and ever. And ever,  and ever


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