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Love Runs From Me

Who do you run to, when you’re out of love
The world stops turning, and you don’t know why and you cry, cry, cry.

What do you take, to ease the pain
When everything thing they say, everything they do is lies, Lies, lies, lies

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, love runs from me, love runs from me

Where do go when the crossroads come
Do you carry on straight, into the sun, and burn, burn , burn, burn
What do you do, when times moves on, when you feel another love
And you stand tall, but you’re scared, of the fall, fall, fall.

Should you jump right in, and close your eyes, switch off the memories and all their lies,
And concern and learn, learn, learn

But love runs away, when you try to grab it, like a shadow it moves,
just like a habit, you can’t lose , but you need to feed.
Just like a habit, you need to feed

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